what I've been up to

April 2012

  • Alex has been working with Listen Inn - of Watertown - on children's books for Scholastic and Harper Collins!
  • Alex recorded a radio spot for Metro Credit Union at Soundtrack Studios, for The Other Agency.
  • You're not hallucinating; yes, Alex really is in one of the most recent Bernie & Phyl's commercials. :-)

February 2012

  • Alex got cast (by her friend and collaborator, Wren Ross) to read a children's book for Scholastic!!!
  • Alex ended up collaborating with Emmanuel Ording of PJA Advertising on a video for a Getty Images Competition.
  • Once again, she collaborated with the phenominal Palvinder Jagait of Playground Pictures, on a commercial...this time for a Bay Area restaurant called Cinnamon Club.


November 2011

  • Alex has been working as a photographer, working mainly with children and families...her favorite age group? The 2 year olds.
  • Alex collaborated with Allin, narrating an internal video for a pharmaceutical company.

October 2011

  • Alex, Luke and previously orphaned kitty #2 (Subie) drove cross-country in a move from L.A. to Boston (bigger updates to follow...)!

August 2011

  • August was spent focusing on personal creative projects, in addition to flying home for a funeral.
  • Despite the craziness, she had a lovely 30th birthday, spent watching the sunrise over Detroit, having lunch in NH, integrating a (formerly) stray cat (Lena) into a home filled with filled with 1 Siamese cat & 2 dogs...1 visiting, 1 resident...and then after a long day, she got to see her entire immediate family at home.
  • Alex is now the officially unofficial voice of DJ-PON3! She has said that somewhere in her subconscious, her 5-year old self is a very happy camper!

July 2011

June 2011

  • Alex has been meeting up with her old friends and collaborators, Greg Croteau and Rich Stack of Three Times Productions, as they are out in L.A. in support of their feature film, The Aristocrat at the Dances with Films Film Festival!
  • Alex met with her former producer, Michael Epstein of Untravel Media regarding a new project that she's working on.
  • Alex met with Justin Leader, a friend and succesful iPhone app developer, regarding getting some business development ideas on a new project that she is working on.
  • Alex got a chance to catch up with college-friend and former collaborator, Kelly Barry, of Starz, at lunch in Beverly Hills, no less.
  • Alex just met with the lovliest photographers: Betty Mallorca
 & Lawrence Manning of Hill Street Studios. 
She mey be working with them in the near future...
  • Alex had a meeting with Brian Ide, of ReDistribute, regarding a bunch of topics, including the comedy cooking TV show that she's been working on.
  • Alex got a chance to work with Bumble and Bumble all day, for one of their certification tests. She was so lucky to be paired with the fantastic Anna Lee Montano! The two of them talked about everything from religion to Kenny the retarded white tiger.

May 2011

  • Alex found a stray black cat on her way home from the grocery store...she now has a kitty.
  • Alex worked in the virtual green screen studio for Showbiz Expo & IBC Merchant's open house.
  • Alex has been studying commercial auditioning techniques with John Sudol.
  • Alex finally went to Disneyland!

April 2011

  • Alex has been working on "Dear Editor," a short horror film with Tom Reiner Productions/FitzFilm.
  • Alex has been taking classes with John Sudol, in "Mastering the Reaction Shot," working on the facial tensions needed to project the 7 Universal Human Emotions, as described by psychologists researching human emotional reveals.  It's really exciting work.

March 2011

  • Alex just worked on a video project for Insure Monkey, with Anthony Pietromonaco.
  • Alex attended her favorite monthly event: The Collaboration Project at the Los Angeles Brewery Arts Complex.
  • Alex just had her headshots taken by Shannon M. West: http://smwest.smugmug.com/.

February 2011

  • Alex has been working with Angela Landis and the crew of Keeping Up with the Kartrashians; that set is a seriously fun place to work!
  • Alex just had a chance to connect with a bunch of Boston friends who relocated to L.A., and it was a lovely night. Thanks to Victor for hosting everyone!
  • Alex worked with Jennifer Jones Photography on a lifestyle shoot.
  • Alex has been writing and re-writing her TV pet project…details to be announced soon.

January 2011

  • Alex just worked the International Salon & Spa Expo for Iden International…free master haircut and super discounts on nail polish...
  • Alex just had a meeting with her old friend and collaborator Jonathan Sacramone, regarding her pet project scripts…
  • Alex just beat the snot out of a dummy for her “Deadliest Warrior” audition; she is used to using someone’s limbs from her Judo training, but she did her best!

December 2010

  • Alex is editing the script and pulling together a cast and crew for her pet project.

November 2010

  • Alex is brining her first turkey for Thanksgiving.
  • Alex just painted a piece for the Rock vs. Cancer auction. The piece is a collaboration with music legends, Fishbone.
  • Alex is collaborating with photographer Brian Sunday.
  • Alex is working on a project, slated to hang in L.A.'s Fashion District, with Luke Dobie of L.D. Designs.

October 2010

  • Alex just collaborated with the amazing Alexander 'Sacha' Chernoff and Olga Oparina on a series of fine art portraits.
  • Alex re-edited her demo reels to suit the L.A. style...
  • Alex went up to Solvang, CA to work at a photography workshop, being taught by Mark Robert Halper...lots of great photos, nice people and hanging out all day in a private vineyard.
  • Alex became a recipe tester for the Healthy Voyager's new recipe book...but still has no idea how to properly cook plantains.
  • Alex just did an action sports shoot with Luke Dobie and Ben Chen...and saw a tarantula in the wild.
  • Alex filmed a short indie with Sage Ewing.

September 2010

  • Alex attended the Collaboration Project at the Artist's Loft Brewery Complex in L.A.; among the speakers at the intimate gathering were: famed glamour and fetish photographer Ken Marcus, world renowned artist Miripolsky, and Hive Gallery owner Nathan Cartwright.
  • Alex is collaborating with photographer Ezra Spurrier.
  • Alex is HUGE in Japan...kidding; she worked with Koji Photography link
  • Alex just had a great meeting with some old friends and might be getting a writing partner for her pet project!!!
  • Alex is in Las Vegas, for a tradeshow...and ended up winning $150 on slot machines.
  • Alex is working on a photography project with Adam Bergey of Ulrich Bergey Photography, to be shown at L.A.'s SINdustry Art Show.
  • Alex is collaborating with Eric Erickson of Temple of the Cave Photography.

August 2010

  • Alex is working with Jason Underhill on a film project, called The Road to Margaritaville, currently slated to show at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.
  • Alex is working with Brian Jun on his new project, Joint Body, doing ADR and walla.
  • Alex is shooting with Eric Erickson of Temple of the Cave Photography.
  • Humanities Magazine just gave a great review to "Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill," in which Alex's work is highlighted. link
  • Alex is settling into life in Los Angeles.

July 2010

  • Alex is working on a fight scene with Lara Jay of Black Cat Stunts.
  • Alex is working on the new Anna Faris movie "What's Your Number?"
  • Alex is sewing patchwork floor pillows, made out of upholstery fabrics replicated from the famed Palace of Versailles, for her new Los Angeles apartment.

June 2010

  • Alex is filming a commercial for the Foxboro Federal Savings Bank with Greg Croteau and Rich Stack of ThreeTimes Productions link.
  • Alex is preparing her e-mail newsletter, hosted by Emma; the list should be up and running soon.
  • Alex is planing the details of hosting dinner parties (at least once a month) in Los Angeles.
  • Alex has been invited to audition for Whit Stillman's new project!
  • Alex is finalizing the details of her move to L.A., including a great apartment.

May 2010

  • "The crime scenes of the city's haunted and hunted" (Boston Globe) link
  • Alex is attending the New England Emmys in support of On The Lake, a nominee in the documentary feature category.
  • Alex is training with Toby Guidry (Gilmore Girls, Taking of Pelham 1 2 3) at a casting seminar in Boston.
  • Alex is collaborating with Mike Chaiken on a photography project.

April 2010

  • Alex is meeting with Peter Anthony Andrews (former head of NBC's dramatic programming).
  • Alex is speaking on a panel at the Boston International Film Festival, after a showing of the Parkman Webster iPhone app/film that she narrated.

April 2010

  • "The first film made for the iPhone" (The Guardian) link
  • "For a truly immersive movie experience, you might need an iPhone" (IFC) link
  • On the Lake, the tuberculosis documentary Alex helped to voice, has been nominated for a New England Emmy!
  • Alex is participating in the Kim Kennedy Fundraiser/Headshot clinic at Boston Casting with the creative team of Ian Justice, Rina Pastiokostas and Michelle McGrath.
  • Alex is collaborating with Howie Granat of EPHG Photography on portrait work.

March 2010

  • Alex is filming in CT with J. Sibley Law, of Saxon Mills.
  • Alex is busy learning the family recipe for Massa Sovada (Portuguese Sweet Bread).

February 2010

  • Alex is working for BU's Center For Digital Imaging Arts, with Greg Croteau (The Aristocrat) as the actress and props mistress for a RED camera workshop short film.
  • Alex is collaborating with Bruce Rogovin and Audrey Berman on a photo shoot, reinventing Theda Bara.
  • The Alex is attending the Boston Crisis Camp to help Haiti, and is going to work on the Open Source Map project.
  • Alex rehearsing one-on-one with Ernest Thompson (Academy Award Winner for On Golden Pond) workshopping a new piece he is writing for Whitebridge Farm Productions.

January 2010

  • Alex just finished her voice-over demo reel with Wren Ross and Burclan Productions.

December 2009

  • Alex is working with Wren Ross on the marketing for her voice-over demo reel.

November 2009

  • Alex is training with Wren Ross, in preparation for recording her voice-over demo reel.

October 2009

  • Alex is attending MTV's Los Premios & Spike TV's Scream Awards.
  • Alex is scoping out Los Angeles and meeting up with some old friends in order to prepare for her move.
  • Alex is finishing up the audio for Untravel Media's Parkman/Webster piece.
  • Alex is training with Wren Ross, in preparation for recording her voice-over demo reel.
  • Alex is filming an ensemble piece (in the woods) with Kyle Johannessen of Transparent Frog Films.

September 2009

  • Alex is learning how to shoot an AK-47 and a 9mm Beretta for her upcoming film shoot with Transparent Frog Films.
  • Alex is training with Wren Ross, in preparation for recording her voice-over demo reel.

August 2009

  • Alex is taking a voice-over "Booth Camp" with Wren Ross.
  • Alex is collaborating with William Crawford on a photography project.
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